We undertake all types of building projects, whether a brand-new construction or improvement or rehabilitation work. We provide a full consultancy service, offering individual advice and attention, together with the support of a multidisciplinary work team that will see the project through its different stages to completion.

Comprehensive design for both indoor and outdoor areas, seeking always to make the most of the space and the quality of the light that is available, to ensure the best possible final decoration. Solutions that we present to the client before the work has even begun, so that he or she can see the final outcome.

We provide a full Project Management service, which includes such varied aspects as adapting the project to the realities of construction work, cost management, managing budgets received from different manufacturers and supervising their work. The overall objective is to obtain the best possible result in terms of cost, timescales and quality.

Consultancy, auditing and energy certification. We are committed to looking after the environment, and we come up with solutions to reduce energy consumption, whether we are working on a new building or one that is already standing….

State and municipal regulations governing real estate require that a Technical Building Inspection, known in Spain as the “ITE”, be carried out. Our offices will provide you with all the information and support you need both to apply for this inspection and throughout the entire process until you receive the final certificate.

We also undertake legalisation and activity projects, (commercial or industrial premises, holiday homes…), certificates, reports and expert opinion, the processing of Habitability Certificates…